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TYPE:separate wool equipment

NAME:Four compartment machine

SUMMARY:"Hair" is the feather processing enterprises for the essential models to classify the feather and down. According to the different requirements of different kinds of feathers and feather processing enterprises on the classification and extraction of specifications, the common points hair machine specifications have: single compartment of a hair machine; second car hair machine, three car points hair machine, four car hair machine, five car hair machine, six compartments divided hair machine. Based on the automatic control ...


Four car hair machine is using centrifugal blower, wind power principle, to down raw materials were treated. By adjusting the magnitude of the centrifugal blower air and hair machine internal spacer plate distance to extract the required down the varieties and specifications of. The effect of the split cell extraction is the best by the sub hair machine. Can be effectively contained in wool in more than 8 cm, 4-6 cm, 2-4 cm and flying velvet lattice extraction. This machine is made of double layers, with good materials, high sealing, good antistatic performance, low working noise, and automatic operation. Equipped with electric control box, automatic machine, vacuum packing box and a dust box. Commonly used specifications have 4700 type and 5200 type.

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