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TYPE:separate wool equipment

NAME:Single compartment machine

SUMMARY:"Sub hair machine" is an essential model for the classification and extraction of feather and down. According to the different requirements of different kinds of feathers and feather processing enterprises on the classification and extraction of specifications, the common points hair machine specifications have: single compartment of a hair machine; second car hair machine, three car points hair machine, four car hair machine, five car hair machine, six compartments divided hair machine. Based on the automatic control tech...


There are two types of raw materials and high cashmere, used for raw materials down to coarse and fine points, raw material is divided into two parts of the raw materials can be used and can not be used. High cashmere type can be used in accordance with the required variety of the species to be subdivided in order to extract the required down specifications. The body for the whole iron structure, strong and durable, easy to operate, the work of a small noise. The whole set of equipment including: host seat, velvet box, vacuum packing box, dust box, fan and electric control cabinet.

Single camera in addition to the conventional manual operation, such as supporting the installation of automatic metering and adding machine, automatic control can be realized.Automatic metering - high - down single - boxAutomatic metering - raw material single compartment